Close Up Magic

Close up magic is a modern and intimate way to perform magic based on the interactions with spectators.


Conference topics

– Attention.
How can we fool one’s attention
What are the limits of our attention?

Body language
– Common points between business men and illusionnists.


On stage, Gus appears as a dynamic character who interacts in amusing ways with spectators.
For corporate events, the main show can be divided in different personalized parts in order to highlight your company/firm and deliver its messages in an entertaining and subtle way.



Gus has a curious background…

He has no fairy godmother nor did he ever receive a magic box for Christmas. Gus unexpectedly discovered magic in 2009 when he was studying Business in Hong Kong. At 20 years of age, Gus soon became passionate about magic after realizing it could create wonderful emotions!

Two years later, while he was studying in Northern Europe / during a university exchange in Northern Europe, he managed to enter and work within the famous New Theatre of Copenhagen.
Only after did he graduate from his Master’s Degree in Sales Management did Gus decide to set up his own entertainment company.

As of today, thanks to his captivating magic and his high ability of adaptation, Gus has successfully performed in many corporate events, private parties and even among international celebrities!


Many companies trust Gus